We are Tessa.

We are filmmakers first and foremost. We are also writers, art directors, improvisers, puppeteers, documentarians, stop motion artists, performers, and producers. We serve creative ideas with a customized mix of talent, resources, and finish required to bring them to life. Our Midwest work ethic is something we are proud of.

Our philosophy? Every project is unique. Our production approach? Scalable and practical.

Need to film a monkey riding a snowmobile in a penguin suit? Done. Does your budget not support that insane, creative idea? We will work with you to find a creative, achievable solution that is memorable and still stands out. “No” is not in our vocabulary.

We are constantly creating.

We create commercials and branded content. We also create shorts, features, series, and music videos. From initial concept through post, Tessa partners seamlessly with top editing talent for each project with post-production offerings in NY, Chicago, LA, Dallas, and beyond–streamlining the creative process from Day One to Day Done.

We are creative partners.

For every project of every size at every stage, we are Tessa.

Lisa Masseur / Executive Producer / Founder.

Production sage with an eye for talent. Lisa Masseur, a 20 year veteran, is widely known as a trusted Executive Producer who provides solutions. As the former EP/Managing Director at One at Optimus and Radar Studios, she led both companies through times of extreme growth. Masseur has helped several directors reach new heights in their careers and is known as an encouraging mentor.

While working her way up the production ladder on features and TV early in her career, Masseur learned the value of pre-production and smart planning. She brought that experience to her commercial work, and as a result, Tessa can easily manage cross platform productions that capture commercial, online, and social content with ease. Masseur’s desire to create a production company known for putting the dollars on the screen and creating breakthrough work, led her to creating Tessa – a key asset that can bring any of your creative projects to life.

Reid Brody / Executive Producer of Post Production

Post Production expert and seasoned media and entertainment executive. Reid Brody, a founder of Filmworkers Club, is widely known and respected for nurturing top post talent. Brody has created and overseen growth at many companies including traditional editorial, VFX, and animation studios that met the needs of their times.

At Tessa, Brody is doing the same. Bringing a studio approach to commercial production, Brody will oversee post production on each project, matching top editors and design and VFX artists to work seamlessly with Tessa’s directors. Brody’s experience as an executive on several feature films will boost Tessa’s entertainment division. Creating opportunities for original content to thrive at Tessa.