An expert storyteller with a keen cinematic style that’s heartfelt and honest. Joe’s visual style breathes beauty and texture into the everyday world. He’s the kind of director you’d bring home to meet your parents.


February 23, 2018

The Palm Beaches / Florida

November 21, 2017

Illinois Lottery

October 28, 2017

Lurie Children’s Hospital

October 28, 2017

Schutt Sports

October 28, 2017

The Talk

September 28, 2017

Mission Investment Fund

June 30, 2017


January 20, 2016

Joe Otting. When asked what inspires and motivates him as a visual storyteller, Joe Otting goes to his childhood. “Amblin ’85.” With a vision and attention to detail in every shot, Joe not only directs, he creates a cinematic journey that both entertains as well as touches the heart.

Born in Iowa, and later seasoned in the big shoulder streets of Chicago, Joe Otting began his career at one of the world’s largest ad agencies, BBDO, and launched an award-winning directing career that spans over two decades. With success in both film and advertising, he has the unique ability to combine both styles to create entertaining and cinematic content across all media.

His film roots run deep, beginning with the highly awarded “The Third Rail”. From there came the Kafkaesque thriller “Asylum”, an HBO Project Greenlight short that received international acclaim and rave reviews following its premier on HBO. His directing talents soon turned to features, – “Already Dead”, a suspense thriller for Sony Pictures that starred Academy Award winning actor, Christopher Plummer, and then “Under New Management”, a crime comedy followed with even more success after it was voted #1 by viewers after its premier on Showtime.

Pulling from his success and vast experience in film, Joe became a go-to resource for many advertising agencies working with brands such as Home Depot, Craftsman, Illinois Lottery, Sears, Hilton and The Palm Beaches.