Mercedes Bryce Morgan is a creative force. Her work is often described as visually stimulating, kinetic, and impassioned. She has amassed over 1 billion views.


February 24, 2022


February 24, 2022

Cap’n Crunch

February 23, 2022

Red Bull

February 22, 2022

Say Grace

February 21, 2022

With projects ranging from music videos viewed by the millions, to interactive brand content, to feature films, Mercedes Bryce Morgan is always trying to push the boundaries of narrative. She is a queer, Latina filmmaker based in Los Angeles, where she received a BA in Film and Television Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Mercedes has worked with celebrities such as Idina Menzel, Todrick Hall, and most notably, Marshmello, receiving a VMA nomination in 2019 for her video “Happier.” She directed the series “Chatterbox and Virtual Morality,” in which she expertly weaved in motion-controlled robotics and coding. She has created commercials for brands such as Walmart, Clorox, Unilever/Degree, Disney, Solo, Amazon, Red Bull, Apple Music, Beats, Google, and Fujifilm.