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Jeana Khoury

Jeana Khoury is a South African director that brings an enigmatic and heartfelt vision to her work. An artist at heart, she studied fine arts at Wits University, where she began dabbling with film. She started out in advertising as a creative researcher before making her first spot, which received third place for the Cannes Young Director Award. Her work depicts the universal themes of female empowerment, with spots that span from lighthearted fashion and beauty work, to raw politics and policy, to visually rich food and beverage campaigns. Jeana has directed numerous campaigns for clients such as J&B, KFC, Toyota, Hyundai, Environ, Scottish Leader, MTN, Jo’Burg Ballet, MSF, and Liberty. Jeana has received various awards for her work, including a Loerie Grand Prix, gold and silver Glass Lions, and a Ciclope award.