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Delightful. Surprising. Inventive. Analogue but advanced. Frame-by-frame.

Up for anything with a human touch.





Hoosier Lottery

Screamin' Sicilian



Uptime is a stop motion based design collective headed up by Sam Macon. It began innocently enough, with everyday objects being pushed across the surface of a table. That experiment resulted in the opening title sequence for the doc “Handmade Nation.” It turned out great and everyone was into it. Then someone from a certain burrito brand asked, “Hey can you do this with food?” Sam said, “yeah sure,” which turned out to be totally true and it was great. From there they started animating toys, humans, cars, little paper people, more food, gardening implements, bedroom sets, little wooden owls with rotating heads, cities made out of cardboard, and some more food. Basically, just about anything you can move one frame at a time, which turns out to be just about everything except fire, water, and smoke – also delicate leafy greens. They tend to wilt under the lights.